Centers for Gastroenterology still performing procedures at Skyline

Recent news about the planned March 31 closure of Skyline Surgery Center in the Skyline Medical Pavilion, located at 2555 East 13th Street in Loveland has created some confusion among patients for Skyline Endoscopy Center. While the two practices are housed in the same Skyline Medical Pavilion, their services and physicians are different. Skyline Endoscopy Center is staffed by providers from the Centers for Gastroenterology and we want to assure our patients that nothing has changed at Skyline Endoscopy. We understand that the misconception that Skyline Endoscopy Center is closing is causing concern and we sincerely apologize for any confusion. CFG is fully operational and will continue utilizing Skyline Endoscopy for its Loveland endoscopic procedures. The closure of Skyline Surgery Center has absolutely no impact on CFG or Skyline Endoscopy. CFG will continue offering its full range of services as it has for more than 40 years.