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Bowel incontinence (inability to control the bowel) is a common problem. Symptoms include unexpected leakage of stool (liquid to solid) or gas from the rectum. Social stigma and embarrassment may cause patients to delay discussing bowel control issues with their doctor, but patients are often surprised to learn their problems are caused by an underlying — and often treatable — medical condition.

The Bowel Incontinence Clinic at Centers for Gastroenterology directed by Dr. Crystal North and Sharon Margraf, NP, is here to help alleviate the symptoms of chronic bowel incontinence in patients who have not had success with more conservative treatments – or who may not be candidates for these options.

CFG has been providing care for our Northern Colorado neighbors for more than 30 years. Our dedicated team of experts has developed a proven protocol to successfully diagnose and treat fecal incontinence. Please call today to schedule your appointment (970) 669-5432.

What is InterStim (sacral neuromodulation for bowel control)?

InterStim therapy for bowel control is indicated for the treatment of chronic bowel incontinence in patients who have failed or are not candidates for, more conservative treatments.  Conservative treatment options may include medications, diet modification, and exercise.  Sacral Neuromodulation (InterStim) is a minimally invasive option that can restore bowel function.  Sacral Neuromodulation for Bowel Control is effective, safe and may offer patients improved quality of life.

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