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At some point during their lifetimes, many Americans will develop hemorrhoids. This condition is extremely common, arising in nearly half of the American population by the age of 50. However, despite how common they are, hemorrhoids can still produce significant discomfort and frustration for patients experiencing this condition. Thankfully, we are here to help. Centers for Gastroenterology strives to offer the best hemorrhoid treatment in Northern Colorado, offering effective, safe options for patients who have not found relief from more temporary solutions, such as ointments. Our expert staff is well-trained in modern solutions to hemorrhoids, ensuring that, with us, you will be receiving the most optimal care possible.

What Are Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are veins in the anus and rectum that have become enlarged or swollen. They may also be referred to as “piles.” There are different types of hemorrhoids, including internal and external, that produce different symptoms and experiences for the affected patients. Patients may live their entire lives with hemorrhoids, becoming aware only when they become enlarged and uncomfortable.

There are several potential causes of hemorrhoids, most rooted in pressure being placed upon the affected area or the abdomen. Straining, prolonged sitting, chronic issues with bowel movements, pregnancy, eating foods low in fiber content, and lifting items that are heavy may all contribute to the presence of enlarged hemorrhoids. The chances of having hemorrhoids does slightly increase as you age, but this condition can occur in patients of any age.

Hemorrhoid Treatment

Many patients choose to try at-home treatment methods before contacting a medical professional. Changes in diet–increasing intake of fiber and water, for example–is a popular option that is sometimes effective. Using over-the-counter medications or laxatives is also a popular option. Sometimes, hemorrhoids even resolve themselves on their own without the need for treatment.


However, many patients still experience discomfort after trying several at-home methods. If this is the case for you, our expert team is here to help. We offer a range of treatments ranging from non-invasive to surgical in nature, ensuring that you experience long-term relief for your symptoms.

What Are the Types of Hemorrhoids?

Determining the type of hemorrhoid that the patient is experiencing informs our team on what type of treatment should be administered. There are a few different types of hemorrhoids, including:

Internal Hemorrhoids:

  • These hemorrhoids occur within the rectum and are less likely to cause physical discomfort in patients.
  • Internal hemorrhoids might produce bleeding when patients use the restroom. This bleeding might be painless.
  • If an internal hemorrhoid exits the anal opening after an instance of straining, this is known as a prolapsed hemorrhoid. This can lead to other, more uncomfortable symptoms, including pain.

External Hemorrhoids:

  • These hemorrhoids are present below the skin surrounding the anal region.
  • External hemorrhoids often produce more noticeable symptoms for affected patients. These symptoms might include irritation, pain, swelling, itching, and bleeding.


  • A thrombus, also known as a blood clot, can form within an external hemorrhoid.
  • This condition can lead to more severe symptoms for patients, including increased pain, swelling, and a lump forming near the affected area.

Depending on the type of hemorrhoid a patient is afflicted by, symptoms may be mild or even undetectable. However, if hemorrhoids are left untreated, rare but serious complications could occur. Thrombosed hemorrhoids, as well as strangulated hemorrhoids (which occur when the blood supply is blocked), can cause significant pain for patients, and patients experiencing consistent bleeding might develop issues like anemia. It is important to talk to your doctor about hemorrhoids to determine the first steps toward finding a treatment and improving your well-being. Our team at the Centers for Gastroenterology is well-versed in treating hemorrhoids. With us, you can be at ease with the knowledge that our treatment options are safe and effective.

It is important to note that several symptoms experienced as a result of hemorrhoids are also often experienced as a result of other conditions. Because of this, a diagnostic test–such as a rectal exam or flexible sigmoidoscopy–may be necessary to determine what condition is causing your discomfort.

CRH O’Regan System®:

Centers for Gastroenterology is proud to treat hemorrhoids using the innovative CRH O’Regan System®. This modern, advanced treatment is designed to be painless and effective, offering patients long-lasting results. This treatment, which is a variation on rubber band ligation, can be completed in a matter of minutes by a member of our expert team. No preparation or sedation is required for this procedure, and patients can expect to resume normal activity levels almost immediately.

During this procedure, a rubber band will be secured around a hemorrhoid with a suction device. The rubber band will remain on the hemorrhoid after you leave the office, cutting off blood flow to the enlarged days. The hemorrhoid will typically fall off painlessly within a few days after the procedure has been completed.


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