What is Esophageal Manometry?

Esophageal manometry is a study that measures the pressures and patterns of muscle contractions in your esophagus. This outpatient study ultimately determines if your esophagus is working correctly. The study analyzes everything from movement to pressure. Abnormalities in the contractions and strength of the muscle or the sphincter at the lower end of the esophagus can result in pain, heartburn, and difficulty swallowing. An esophageal manometry helps diagnose the various conditions that can cause these undesirable symptoms.

Why is There a Need To Perform Manometry Measures?

If you’re having trouble swallowing, pain when swallowing, frequent or severe heartburn, regurgitation, or chest pain, you might benefit from a manometry study. This study is typically recommended to patients with the mentioned symptoms, as they might be related to an esophageal disorder. An esophageal manometry will be performed after other tests – such as x-rays or upper endoscopies – rule out a narrowing or blockage of the esophagus. Manometry studies can also help to diagnose diffuse esophageal spasm, achalasia, and scleroderma.

What To Expect During the Study

A registered nurse from Centers for Gastroenterology will apply a numbing cream to numb the inside of your nostrils. Next, a thin, flexible, and lubricated tube will move through your nose and advance into your stomach. During this, you will swallow sips of water. It is possible for mild or brief gagging to occur while the tube is traveling through the throat. Once the tube is in position, it will be connected to a computer will you are either sitting upright or lying on your back. It is important to breathe slowly and smoothly once the test begins. It is also important to remain quiet and avoid swallowing unless instructed to do so. At the end of the study, the tube will be extracted from your esophagus. The computer will measure and record the pressures in different parts of your esophagus. It is not uncommon to experience some discomfort in your nose and throat during the study. The study will take approximately 30 minutes, and the results will be sent to your doctor’s office in the following days.

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