Practice History and Mission

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The History of Our Practice

Our practice has a long and rich history of providing health care to Colorado residents. The Centers for Gastroenterology has been providing safe and quality care in Northern Colorado for over 40 years, since 1980.  We have grown with the population over the years and added locations in Greeley, Loveland, and Steamboat Springs, in addition to Fort Collins to be more accessible and better serve the communities in the region. We are fortunate to have wonderful relationships with the health systems in the region and provide hospital services for the Medical Center of the Rockies, Poudre Valley Hospital, McKee Medical Center, Greeley Hospital, and Yampa Valley Medical Center.  Outpatient endoscopy services are provided at Harmony Surgery Center in Fort Collins, Skyline Endoscopy Center in Loveland, and Northern Colorado Endoscopy Center in Greeley, as well as at Yampa Valley Medical Center in Steamboat Springs We are dedicated to pursuing our passion for ensuring that residents of this great state have access to the very best care for their digestive health and gastroenterological needs.

Our Mission

Our central mission is to be the preferred provider of gastrointestinal and digestive health for patients and providers in the regions we serve.  We strive to deliver the highest quality of gastrointestinal healthcare to our patients and to partner with primary care providers to ensure seamless continuity of care. The focus of Centers for Gastroenterology is to facilitate access to our providers and services. Our entire team is a culmination of individuals who strive to practice cutting-edge techniques and collaborate with patients to produce a supportive, optimal experience.

Centers for Gastroenterology has worked hard to develop its reputation for delivering medical services that are unrivaled in their technical quality, service, and value. Our team members have years, even decades, of experience. As a practice, we ensure that our team is made up of highly-trained, passionate people who have the best interests of our patients in mind at all times.

Our core values:

  • Respect our patients and referring providers
  • Respect each other as employees
  • Respect our business partners
  • Respect our community

We hold a great love for Northern Colorado. We want to give back to our communities by ensuring that residents have constant and reliable access to the best gastrointestinal healthcare available. We are proud to offer a range of procedures that are designed to improve the livelihoods of our patients. Above all else, we strive to provide a safe environment for people struggling with gastrointestinal conditions. We understand that seeking medical help can be a daunting prospect. We want to welcome you with open arms and assure you that, should you choose to seek treatment with our practice, you will be in excellent hands. We value collaboration, taking patient values and insights into account. We believe that optimal healthcare has to be a collaborative experience between the patient and the members of our expert team. Respect is at the center of our practice, and we ensure that we abide by that value as we work with you and with one another. We are constantly guided by our dedication to excellent patient care, and we are excited to continue to provide this care and expand our services as we move into the future.



“My infusion was seamless. All the staff are incredibly helpful, kind, knowledgeable, and supportive. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.” – Brenda Dyer

“Great job! I enjoyed my time there. They make everything so easy and comfortable for me always willing to accommodate me.” – Teresa Murdock

“The experience of getting an infusion is not the greatest thing you want in your life. The staff are very efficient and professional while also being very relaxed and friendly. Telling stories and joking with multiple patients at once keeps it interesting and feeling very personable.” – Gerry Granahan

“I have been going to this practice for 18 years. I know I wouldn’t be here to write this review if it weren’t for Dr. Dunphy. She is an amazing doctor as well as an amazing woman. Absolutely the best in her field. I don’t know what I’d do without her.” -Stacey K.

“The Infusion Nurses are amazing people and technicians! Always friendly and professional! Thank you Jessica and Nathan for your excellent service. And thank you Brenda in scheduling for always finding a way to make appointments work out for me!!!” – Laurie Cover