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Acid reflux can be a frustrating, painful experience for many patients. It can decrease quality of life and cause symptoms of anxiety. For many patients, it is also a recurring issue, causing near-constant discomfort. Fortunately, at Centers for Gastroenterology in Northern Colorado, we are proud to offer 24-Hour pH Impedance Study, a diagnostic procedure designed to measure acid reflux over a period of one day.  

What is 24-Hour pH Impedance Study?

24-hour pH impedance study is designed to investigate reflux rising from the stomach into the esophagus. This reflux can be both acidic and non-acidic in nature. A catheter, or a thin and flexible tube, will be guided through the nose and into the stomach opening. The length of the catheter is equipped with sensors that can detect changes in acidity levels. Information will be shared from the catheter to a small computer. The tube will stay in place over the course of the day while you go about your normal routine, allowing readings to be taken at various points over the course of 24 hours. This study is particularly useful because it allows us to get an understanding of what your body is experiencing over the course of a typical day, not just an hour in the office.


This procedure is an important diagnostic tool for several conditions, including gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD.

During the Test 

A small flexible tube will be placed through the nose into the esophagus. The test may be slightly uncomfortable when the tube is placed. The nurse will explain what is being done during the test. Once the probe is placed, tape will be placed around the tube and on the nose to secure the probe. 

The probe is attached to a recorder. The recorder has buttons that you will push during the study. This will be placed in a carrying case with a shoulder strap.  You will wear this for the entire study. 

You will also be given a diary to help you keep track of your symptoms. The nurse will show you how to use the recording box and diary to monitor how you are doing during the study. 

It is important that you maintain all regular activities as much as possible during the test to obtain an accurate assessment of reflux through a “normal” day. This includes maintaining typical meals, activities, exercise, sleep, etc., while the probe is in place. 

You will be able to drive yourself home after the study. No showering or tub bath while the probe is in place.  You will be instructed when to return the following day to have the probe removed.  You will not need an appointment. 

24-Hour pH Impedance Study Recovery and Aftercare 

After the catheter is in place, you are free to leave and resume normal activities. A small device worn around your waist will receive information throughout today. Discomfort is not typical with this procedure. 

The 24-hour probe study has no real risks. There are only a few small side effects. It may not feel very good when your healthcare provider inserts the tube and when you wear it. When the tube is inserted, you may feel: 

  • Mild pain when swallowing 
  • Mild pain in your throat 
  • Pain in your chest 
  • Pressure in your nose 
  • A pulling sensation when you swallow. 

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